5 technology tips to improve people management in your company

People management is fundamental to the success of a company. When this management is done well, professionals feel more motivated and committed to the general objectives of the organization, which brings numerous benefits to the overall results. People management must go beyond operational practices and it is necessary to think about it strategically, implementing new practices in the daily life of the human resources area. In today’s article, we present 5 technology tips to improve people management in your company!

Real-time resource management

Software that allows analyzing the business in real-time, such as Multiplexers, is very important for the management of human resources. With a true and up-to-date knowledge of the availability of teams, it is easier to solve eventual problems, reorganize work teams and guarantee the company’s productivity. It is also possible to always be aware of the performance of each employee, which allows for solving possible problems of demotivation, for example.

Implement telework

More and more employees value perks in addition to salary. Currently, thanks to technology, it is possible to work from anywhere in the world, and there is no longer the obligation to be at the office all week. Implementing one day a week of teleworking will motivate your team and in the long run, you will feel the difference, through the increase in the productivity of each employee.

Optimize meetings
Meetings are often longer than necessary, which causes a lot of time to be wasted, increasing the level of demotivation in teams. There is already software that allows you to plan meetings so that they don’t last longer than strictly necessary. Likewise, it is possible to hold meetings via Skype and other similar programs, which eliminates the need for everyone to be physically present. Meetings should only be scheduled when they are strictly necessary, as the “waste of time” makes employees feel demotivated and deceived!

Use cloud services

Cloud storage is already seen as a competitive strategy that responds to the needs of small, medium and large companies. Companies like Google and Microsoft provide servers where files are stored in the same way they are stored on a computer or mobile device. The files are stored kilometers away, but through the Internet, through a login and password, you can connect to your account and access all your files. This makes it easier for all members of a team to share documents, making collaboration between everyone simpler and more organized.

Invest in internal communication

Internal communication is often neglected, but it is one of the most important areas in a company, as it deals with the main audience of an organization: its human resources. It is important that there is fluidity in the transmission of messages, as well as transparency in the work environment. It is essential to implement business management channels and/or applications that facilitate communication between the various departments, namely the creation of groups on Whatsapp or the creation of an internal newsletter.


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